Planning Applications

  1. Rezone (ZM)
  2. Sudivision (sd)
  3. Conditional use permit (CUP)
  4. lot adjustment(lb/LC)
  5. land use hearing (LUHO)
  6. design review committee (DRC)
  7. other

all applications must be reviewed and approved by a planner prior to application deadline.

Documents Required:

Design Review Committee Packet (filled out with department notes), Land Use ApplicationGeneral Plan QuestionnaireProperty Owner Affidavit, Letter of Intent, Site Plan (see site plan requirements), Floor Plans (see floor plan requirements), Elevations (see elevation requirements), Landscape Plan, Fees and Noticing, Neighborhood Meeting Notice, Neighborhood Meeting Attendance and Comments (neighborhood meeting may be done after application submission with approval from your assigned planner). The City may require a development agreement as part of a rezone. In that case, staff may require additional exhibits and submittals prior to a final determination by the City Council. The City at it's discretion may require parking and traffic studies, surveys, or geologic or hydrology studies.

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