City Services


Code Compliance Inspections: Our concern is the maintenance and upkeep of properties in Millcreek. Our inspectors look for abandoned, inoperable, or unregistered vehicles parked in front yards; abandoned homes, unkempt yards, outside storage and trash; poorly maintained structures, unsanitary dwellings, and pools; and unlicensed businesses.

Building Permits and Inspections: Our concern is the life safety of each person and structural stability of each structure in Millcreek. We review the construction plans for building code compliance, we issue building permits, and we inspect the construction of each structure built in Millcreek. Our inspectors also issue Stop Work Orders for those who build without obtaining the required building permits. 

Emergency Management: Our concern is the preparation, safety, and recovery of each person and property in Millcreek. In emergency situations, Emergency Management works with Fire, Police, Public Works, and other agencies to provide incident support; also, public training in emergency preparedness, input with Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training, and support to Millcreek Emergency and Resiliency Committee (MERC).

Risk Management: Our concern is for Millcreek public property such as facilities, vehicles, streets, curb and gutters, sidewalks, traffic and street lights, etc. All public property damage claims are resolved with Risk Management.

Facilities: Our concern is that Millcreek facilities are well maintained, adequate, and safe for employees, visitors, and residents.

Fleet Management: Our concern is that Millcreek vehicles are well maintained, adequate, and that city employees are trained in vehicle care and operation safety.

Information Technology & Cell Phones: Our concern is that computers, servers, software, and employee cell phones are properly maintained, efficient, and adequate to enhance customer service.

Parks: Our concern is that Millcreek provides and maintains its parks to a reasonable standard for our public. Parks maintenance is provided through a contract with Salt Lake County.

Animal Services: Our concern is that animals in Millcreek are licensed, healthy, and well cared for. Animal Services are provided through a contract with Salt Lake County.