Teen CERT Program

The Teen Certified Emergency Response Team (CERT) program is a national training program designed for teens who would like to volunteer to help out during a local disaster. Just like adults, teens throughout communities in the United States can benefit from learning about potential disasters that could affect the area and how to respond to these disasters in the best way possible. 

Emergency Response

Emergency response is ultimately what dictates how communities cope with disaster and rebuild later. Read on, and find out more about this program and how training can benefit all teens.

Program's Teachings

Not everyone knows how they will act in a disaster. Since disasters strike people of all ages, it is important that people young and old know what to do. When you are trained to handle an emergency or to deal with a hazardous situation, you will feel confident in your actions and you will know what steps to take to mitigate loss and to potentially save lives. 

In the chaos, a young adolescent who has completed the introductory class can step in for professional responders until they arrive at the scene. The class will teach you to:

  • Assist people injured in an emergency
  • Assist responders
  • Conduct search and rescue missions
  • Extinguish small fires before they get out of control
  • Help calm people so they can cope with disasters
  • Identify potential hazards
  • Reduce the incidence and risk of fire in buildings
  • Set up a medical treatment zone after a disaster