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If you are interested in delivering for Promise to Bud Bailey, please email Ashley Cleveland, Millcreek Promise Program Manager.

  1. Millcreek Book Drive 002

    Millcreek Elementary Winter Book Drive

    Mill Creek elementary serves 450 students with over 25 languages spoken, 35% of those students are English Language Learners. Home Library size has a very substantial effect on educational attainment. Let’s give the gift that keeps on giving! Click the link to purchase a book!
  2. Read With Kids!

    Read With Kids!

    Volunteer Program is a collective effort to maximize students academic success at Mill Creek Elementary so that our youth can receive a high- quality education. Read on...
  3. Backyard Garden Share

    Backyard Garden Share

    To join the Backyard Garden Share, please visit the Backyard Garden Share page. Garden Share Homepage
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