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Mountair Community ENgagement Workshop February 23rd 2019

Thank you for all of your responses on the Mount Aire Walkway! We are in the very early stages of considering options for Highland Drive. That being considered, the turnout for the Mount Aire Walkway Community Workshop Saturday, February 23rd was well attended. We had over 30 community members come to Adib's Rug Gallery inside The Villa Theater at 3092 S Highland Dr. The goal of this workshop was to invite community members to provide input on the design of the walkway, placement of a noise barrier, gauge how strong the ties are to our historic lilacs, share the latest Millcreek sign design, and inform them of the current traffic study that is taking place along that stretch of Highland Dr. in regard to pedestrian safety.

Before the City makes a formal decision, we pledge to you that area residents and businesses will stay involved. We’ve hired a traffic engineer to gather statistics on road usage and provide us with some technical recommendations on how to configure Highland Drive to work better for the locals who use it. That research does include analyzing the pros and cons for roundabouts. The study will be complete sometime in May.

What we heard on Facebook is:

1)         Highland Drive is currently a hard street to live with. Pedestrians feel unsafe. The wait times for cross-traffic is long. Because there is no shoulder or center left turn lane, both lanes on Highland Drive can back up easily.

2)         We want Highland Drive to be a safe environment for pedestrians and cyclists, and especially families who might want to walk across Highland Drive to access the amenities to the west.

3)         We want to promote easy and safe access to the businesses and residential neighborhoods along Highland Drive, whether we drive, bike, or walk.

4)         Highland Drive should be prettier, with better landscaping and lighting.

We are taking your comments into consideration as we start thinking about how Highland Drive should look, especially along our proposed City Center.

 Click Here for all the public comments collected at this workshop!

Proposed Sign Ordinance Survey

Blade Sign

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Sign Ordinance Survey

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