Millcreek City Center

artist rendering of Millcreek Common

Millcreek Common Plan_draft
Millcreek Common Overall_draft
Millcreek Common Design Update_6.22.20.pdf_Page_1
Millcreek Common Design Update_6.22.20.pdf_Page_2
Millcreek Common_Ice Support_draft
Millcreek Common Design Update_6.22.20.pdf_Page_3
Millcreek Common Design Update_6.22.20.pdf_Page_4
Millcreek Common Design Update_6.22.20.pdf_Page_5


7 City Center Updates Flyer

Learn more about where Millcreek has come from and how the Millcreek City Center will take us to the next level in this video: 

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An important funding mechanism for Millcreek Center is the Community Reinvestment Agency (CRA). Click here to learn more.