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Millcreek Takes Measures to
Help Businesses During COVID-19

Mayor Jeff Silvestrini issued a directive today announcing the following measures to assist Millcreek’s 3,500 businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic:

1. Prohibitions in the city’s temporary sign ordinance have been waived during the state of local emergency. Businesses needing to pivot to increased drive-through, pick-up, and take-out options are encouraged to use A-frame signs on the park strips, banners, balloons, or whatever is reasonable to communicate to the public that they are open for business. Businesses are still asked to not block driveway or intersection views for public safety purposes.

2. Business license renewals that were due in February, March, or April are allowed to pay up to 90 days late with all late fees waived.

3. Efforts are being made to help publicize special business deals or promotions happening during the emergency. All licensed business are given up to 100 words to advertise what special service or information they would like to share with the community by emailing their message to by noon Thursday. This message will be shared with city residents through a special e-newsletter that goes to 5,000, as well as the city’s social media channels in the weeks ahead.

 “Our Economic Development team is also surveying our business community to assess needs during this time and working to connect them to applicable state and federal resources as they develop,” Silvestrini said. “We are a city with many small businesses, and we will be doing all we can to ensure that they continue for years to come.”

Millcreek is in close contact with state, federal and county authorities to coordinate our response to this emergency.  We are working on aid to businesses and individuals harmed by this emergency.  We will have more news on these matters as more information is available.  This is a fast developing situation. We will do our best to communicate with you about our actions.  City Hall remains open for business.  We encourage residents and businesses to contact us by phone or electronically if possible or to use the city’s online facilities and resources.  This is a new situation for all of us, and we urge patience and calmness.  Otherwise, please practice hand washing and good hygiene, maintain social distancing, avoid all unnecessary trips and vacations.   

State Resources for COVID-19

Is COVID-19 affecting your business or employment? 

COVID-19 Quick Reference Guide

SLCo Business Relief Hotline

385-468-4011: Assistance navigating federal, state, and local relief options

The Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development offers its 0% interest Small Business Bridge Loan

Click the following link for more information: 

The Department of Workforce Services provides services for employees and employers such as the following

  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Office of Child Care
  • Food Assistance 
  • Employment Centers

Click the following link:

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