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The Millcreek Business Council is to serve as a voice of the business community to city leaders of Millcreek; to be a liaison between City Hall and the business community; to support the growth and retention of businesses in Millcreek; to assist in the branding and marketing of the Millcreek business community; and to assist local employers with their workforce needs. 

Any licensed business in Millcreek is automatically a member of the Business Council, at no additional charge. All interested are invited to participate in the committees or activities of their choice. Meetings are held at City Hall; interested individuals should reach out to the respective committee chairs.

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BOGO Snip October

Take advantage of the new Millcreek BOGO program!

The Millcreek BOGO program is supported by the Millcreek Business Council. It is a great place for residents and visitors alike to find deals at Millcreek restaurants, shops, and services! Simply print the coupons out or present them on your phone to participating businesses.

To see our great deals, click here business council highlightsHeadlinebusiness council bogos .

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