Networking Committee

This committee plans monthly mixers or other social events for business leaders at which to network.

Mission Statement:

Uniting the Residents and Businesses of Millcreek.

Meetings are held at City Hall on the 1st Monday of every other month @ 10:00 am.

  • December 7, 2020

Millcreek Businesses of the Month

  • January-...And Sew On
  • February-Elevation Chiropractic Center
  • March-Children's Service Society
  • April-Evansmiles
  • May-Mighty Penguin Consulting
  • June-Henries Dry Cleaning
  • July-General Marine
  • August-Children's Corner Pre-school and Childcare
  • September-Aviva Woman
  1. Ribbon Cutting Parties
  2. PaRTY Pictures
  3. Business of the Month
  4. Calendar
Matt Jackson

Chair: Matt Jackson, Elevation Chiropractic Center

Casey Mason

Vice Chair: Casey Mason, Children's Service Society of Utah

Cyndi Schroeder
Jill Angus
Millcreek Business Council logo
Cyndi Schroeder, Salt Hair & Beauty
Jill Angus, Granite Credit Union
Lacey Bruschke, General Marine
Josie Angerhofer
Millcreek Business Council logo
Kash Bhatti
Josie Angerhofer, Millcreek
Ben Bolliger, Zions Bank
Kash Bhatti, Kash Financial Freedom
Dorie Olds
Dorie Olds, The School of Creation
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