Networking Committee

This committee plans monthly mixers or other social events for business leaders at which to network.

Mission Statement:

Uniting the Residents and Businesses of Millcreek.

Meetings are held at City Hall on the 1st Monday of every other month @ 10:00 am.

  • December 6, 2021



  • January-...And Sew On
  • February-Elevation Chiropractic Center
  • March-Children's Service Society
  • April-Evansmiles
  • May-Mighty Penguin Consulting
  • June-Henries Dry Cleaning
  • July-General Marine
  • August-Children's Corner Pre-school and Childcare
  • September-Aviva Woman
  • October-Wasatch Community Acupuncture
  • November- C. Kay Cummings Candies
  • December-Salty Peaks Skate and Snowboard Shop


  • January -Zhennet's Massage Pain and Stress Relief
  • February-Epic Fitness
  • March-Lone Pine Gear Exchange
  • April-The Hive SLC
  • May-Olympus Hills Lanes
  • June-Dolphin Pools & Spas
  • July-212 Fitness
  • August-Adib's Rug Gallery
  • September- The Willow Salon
  1. Millcreek Meet 'N' Eat
  2. Ribbon Cutting Parties
  3. PaRTY Pictures
  4. Business of the Month
  5. Calendar
Meet n Eat November 9 2021 11:30-1:00 Maria's Mexican Grill
Dorie Olds

Chair: Dorie Olds, School of Creation

Sierra Balka

Vice Chair: Sierra Balka, The Other Side Thrift Boutique

Celeste Aguiano Photo
Matt Jackson
Lacey Bruschke Headshot
Celeste Anguiano, Millcreek Nutrition
Matt Jackson, Elevation Chiropractic
Lacey Bruschke, Obsidian Fitness
Josie Angerhofer
Casey Mason
Katrina Olsen
Josie Showalter, Millcreek
Casey Mason, Children's Service Society
Katrina Olsen, Granite Credit Union
Cristhian Espinoza Photo
Millcreek Business Council logo
Millcreek Business Council logo
Cristhian Espinoza, Millcreek Nutrition
Jayden Skinner, Community Woodshop SLC
Jade Teran, FFKR Architects
Millcreek Business Council logo
Brent Esplin, Oasis Ascent

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