Business Promotion Committee

This committee promotes Millcreek Businesses through the BOGO Program and other activities to help connect Millcreek businesses with new customers.

Mission Statement: 

The Business Promotions Committee provides a variety of opportunities to market their services and products to assist them in growth and success. We aim to make Millcreek Businesses feel welcome and encourage involvement in the community. 

Meetings are held at City Hall on the 1st Wednesday of every other month @ 9:00 am.

  • October 7, 2020
  • December 2, 2020
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OPEN BUsinesses

Millcreek is sharing open businesses information during the crisis! If you want to participate please email 

  We hope you are all well and safe!

Open Businesses


Stephanie Steele
Nate Gibby

Chair: Stephanie Steele, Meet Me on 33rd

Vice:   Nate Gibby


Suzi Sands

Suzi Sands, Aviva Woman

Cheri Jackson
Alex Wendt
Cheri Jackson, Millcreek City Council
Alex Wendt, Millcreek
Cyndi Schroeder
Josie Angerhofer
Millcreek Business Council logo
Cyndi Schroeder, Salt
Josie Angerhofer, Millcreek
Bill "Weimin' Jiang, Coldwell Banker
Cory Evans
Millcreek Business Council logo
Dorie Olds
Dr. Cory Evans, DDS
Julia Divkovic, General Marine

Dorie Olds, The School of Creation
Ginny Bostrom
LaVar Riess
Ginny Bostrom, Tres Hombres
LaVar Riess, Clean Fuels SLC
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