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Health intern: Kate Welch

Kate Welch is the Promise Program Health Intern for the City of Millcreek. She is passionate about helping Millcreek residents overcome barriers to health and make mental and physical healthcare more accessible to all residents. She is motivated by her vision of building a stronger, healthy community and helping residents live their happiest and healthiest life.

Kate has worked closely with a variety of non-profits on improving public health since moving to Utah 3 years ago. When Kate is not in the office, she enjoys trail running in the mountains with her husband, capturing photos of wildlife, and exploring Utah with her nephew.  


Work together to create a safer, healthier community through resident engagement, support of local law enforcement, fitness & nutrition programs, and health provider partnerships.


“All Millcreek residents have access to healthcare and opportunities for healthy lifestyles.”

Target location: City wide


 “All Millcreek residents have resources for mental wellness and, if necessary, access to mental health services.”

Target location (suicide prevention): 84109, 84124

Meet: 2nd Friday of every month 9- 10 am

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Increase parent engagement at Skyline and other schools in Millcreek

Increase access to mental health services 

*Team up with Safety Subcommittee for October Mental Health Fair in 2020

STAFF LEADER: Chris Dammert

Senior Network Director, United Way of Salt Lake  

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CHAIR: Collyn Mosquito

M.A. Community Leadership, Westminster College

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Why are you interested in the Millcreek Promise Health Committee Mission?

"Because I am interest in supporting cities that want to build sustainable, equitable and inclusive communities through asset-based approaches. The opposite of asset-based is needs-based, which generally looks for deficits and gaps instead of what the community already offers or can potentially offer.  I care most about 1) community identity; 2) health; and 3) economic wellbeing."