Health Subcommittee


Work together to create a safer, healthier community through resident engagement, support of local law enforcement, fitness & nutrition programs, and health provider partnerships.

Population level goals:

“All Millcreek residents have access to healthcare and opportunities for healthy lifestyles.”

Target location: City wide

Population level goals:

 “All Millcreek residents have resources for mental wellness and, if necessary, access to mental health services.”

Target location (suicide prevention): 84109, 84124

Meet: 3rd Friday of every month 8:30- 9:30 am

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STAFF LEADER: Katherine Zachara

Senior Network Director, United Way of Salt Lake  

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CHAIR: Collyn Mosquito

M.A. Community Leadership, Westminster College

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Why are you interested in the Millcreek Promise Health Subcommittee Mission?

"Because I am interest in supporting cities that want to build sustainable, equitable and inclusive communities through asset-based approaches. The opposite of asset-based is needs-based, which generally looks for deficits and gaps instead of what the community already offers or can potentially offer.  I care most about 1) community identity; 2) health; and 3) economic wellbeing."