Safety Subcommittee


Work together to create a safer, healthier community through resident engagement, support of local law enforcement, fitness & nutrition programs, and health provider partnerships.

 Population level goals:

 “All Millcreek families have access to resources and opportunities to keep their families safe and improve their quality of life.”

 Target location: 84106, 84107, 84123, and western portion of 84124.

Meet: 2nd & 4th Wednesday of every month 1-2 pm

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STAFF LEADER: Ashley Cleveland 

Promise Program Manager, Millcreek- Legislative Management  

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CHAIR: Mercedes Maestas   

Healthy Living Program Educator, Salt Lake County Health Department 

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 Why are you interested in the Millcreek Promise Safety Subcommittee Mission?

"Because I am interested in supporting cities that want to build safer, equitable and inclusive communities- outside of the presence or absence of crime. I think communities feel safe not just when crime is low, but when they feel supported in their needs. I care most about 1) SafeRoutes all around a city; 2) Compassionate Communities; and 3) family wellbeing."

CO CHAIR: John Tuutau

Parent, Millcreek Resident