Education Subcommittee


 Strengthen and support our local schools to maximize academic success and educational outcomes envisioning all Millcreek youth as graduates.

 Population level goals:

“All students at Mill Creek Elementary perform at or above grade level.” 

 Target location:

Mill Creek Elementary> Evergreen Jr. High> Olympus High 

(84106, 84107, 84123, and western portion of 84124)

  Meet: 1st Friday of every month 9:00- 10:00 am

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STAFF LEADER: Katherine Zachara

 Senior Network Director, United Way of Salt Lake  

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 CHAIR: Kira Coelho

 Afterschool Program Supervisor, Salt Lake County Youth Services

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Why are you interested in the Millcreek Promise Health Subcommittee Mission?

 "Because I believe that education plays a major role in the growth and progress of a society. It is one of the key components that can make or break a culture’s advancement. If citizens of a society are educated, they can provide significant contributions in the fields of arts, literature, science, technology, and others, and help establish a well-rounded and stimulating community. I care most about 1) afterschool programming; 2) community identity and; 2) critical thinking and problem solving skills." 

 CO CHAIR: Chris Dammert