Volunteer Forms

Volunteer Forms

Thank you for expressing an interest in volunteering with the Millcreek Promise Program! Please fill out the forms below, download the completed forms, and email them to Kayla Mayers at kmayers@millcreek.us 

  1. Volunteer Application (this online form does not need to be emailed separately)
  2. Volunteer Acceptance Form(PDF)
  3. Volunteer Contract (PDF)


Please report your monthly action items by completing the Volunteer Action Item Report (PDF) and emailing the form to Kayla Mayers.

Media submissions

If you would like to advertise an event through city channels, please complete the Millcreek Promise Media Submission Form (PDF) and email the form to Rita Lund at rlund@millcreek.us

Completion of this form does not guarantee that your submission will be advertised through city channels. All submissions will be reviewed by the city Communications Department and the Promise Program Manager and are subject to edits.

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