New City Hall

City Hall rendering

Latest City Hall rendering, February 2022

Since shortly after incorporation in 2016, Millcreek has been leasing space for our City Hall. The current lease on our space in a converted thrift store at 3330 South 1300 East is set to expire in June of 2023 (after a total of 7 years) and we understand that the landlord desires to redevelop this property. This means that we need to begin planning for a permanent location.

For some time, the City Council and staff have been exploring ideas about relocating City Hall.  We have had a third-party consultant survey Millcreek residents and we have had an open poll advertised in the City’s paper and electronic newsletters on this issue.  We have hired an architectural firm to advise us on the City’s future space needs and we have been thinking of incorporating our UPD Precinct headquarters into the project. With all this in mind, we are beginning to formulate conclusions that a new City Hall should be owned by the city, should be located next to open space, should be useful to the Millcreek Community, and should be located in the new Millcreek Common project area.  

-Mayor Jeff Silvestrini

City Hall Groundbreaking - March 17, 2022

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MHTN Architects continues to work closely with city and community leaders on fleshing out details for the new Millcreek City Hall. Located at 1330 E Chambers Avenue (3205 South), the new Millcreek City Hall will have the following amenities: 

Ground Floor:

  • Public Market
  • Cafe 
  • Restaurant entrepreneur incubator space
  • Open area for rotating market events

Second Floor: 

  • 125-seat City Council chamber ("Community Forum")
  • Reception area for City Hall and UPD

Third Floor:

  • UPD Millcreek Precinct headquarters

Fourth/Fifth Floor:

  • City employee offices & conference rooms

Sixth Floor:

  • 175-seat Community Room accessible for rentals by the public
  • Outdoor balcony with commanding views of the Wasatch Front and Millcreek Common below

Ground is expected to be broken on the new City Hall in Spring 2022, with the building completion anticipated before the end of June 2023. Construction is being financed through municipal bonds that bear a 2.14% interest rate. The bonds will be paid through current revenues, and do not increase the city’s debt load beyond debt carried by most other cities in Salt Lake County.

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The following are presentations made by the architectural firm MHTN to the Millcreek City Council.

Millcreek City Hall Architectural Building Program- March 2021


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Public Survey

A survey was conducted by Y2 Analytics from October 10 - November 2, 2020 to gather the thoughts of Millcreek residents regarding a new City Hall.

  • 582 residents within the boundaries of Millcreek participated in this survey. Residents were randomly selected to participate via email and address-based sampling.
  • Data has been weighted to reflect population statistics from the U.S. Census' American Community Survey to ensure that the sample is representative of the city as a whole, specifically in regards to age, race, gender, and home ownership.
  • Self-administered online interviews via emailed and mailed invitations conducted October 10-November 2, 2020.
  • Margin of error +-4.04 percentage points.

Click here to view the Y2 Analytics Survey

  1. Kurt Hansen

    City Facilities Director

  2. Mike Winder

    City Manager & Economic Development Director

  3. Francis Xavier Lilly AICP

    Planning & Zoning Director