Zoning Code Update

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Millcreek has begun the process of updating its Zoning and Subdivision Codes. These codes are the primary tools the city uses to help shape development. This includes everything from what land uses are allowed in which areas to how many parking spaces are needed. Much of the existing code was inherited from Salt Lake County when the city incorporated. While updates have been made to portions of the code since then, this update is aimed at looking at them in their entirety.

Millcreek has contracted with Logan Simpson and has conducted an assessment of the existing zoning and subdivision code. This assessment report covers the organization, content, and language of the existing ordinance and makes recommendations for ways to make it work better for Millcreek. An emphasis has been given to how the existing code impacts community health and if the current code aligns with stated policy goals in the Millcreek Together General Plan. To view the assessment report, click HERE.

Hundreds of Millcreek residents also participated in a survey that was designed to gather input on the current code and how it could be improved. The survey closed on November 1, 2022. Thank you to all those who participated in the survey. Your input was crucial to this process. Logan Simpson will be reviewing the survey results and will present their findings at a later date. Stay tuned for more information.

Current Drafts

Forestry, Agriculture, and Mobile Home/Tiny Home Ordinances

Timeline showing zoning code update