The City Council has adopted a compilation of ordinances based on Salt Lake County’s Code of Ordinances, as revised and supplemented by subsequent additional ordinances. Millcreek Code The City Council passes ordinances and resolutions and the Community Reinvestment Agency passes resolutions, see below for all: Index of Ordinances Index of Resolutions  

Planning/Zoning Permits

PLANNING COMMISSION APPLICATION DEADLINES The Millcreek Planning Commission meets on the third Wednesday of each month, after receiving input from one of the four Millcreek Community Councils during the first week of each month. In order for your application to be considered at that meeting, all required application materials must be submitted to Millcreek City Hall no later than… Continue reading Planning/Zoning Permits

Business Licenses

BUSINESS APPLICATIONS COMMERCIAL BUSINESS HOME BUSINESS BOOTH-RENTAL BUSINESS RENEW ONLINE AND BUSINESS LICENSE SEARCH Fee Schedule Millcreek Business License Code Unless exempted by state or federal law, it is unlawful for any person to engage in or operate any business in the city, or to use any property for such business, without first obtaining the… Continue reading Business Licenses

Building Permits

Contractor Portal To view permits, inspection requests, & results or other information regarding your permits. SLCO Permit Transfer Millcreek started accepting building permits on March 1, 2018. Current applications/permits processed through Salt Lake County are now being transferred to Millcreek. Permit Transfer Instructions Permit Application Instructions Apply for a new permit Register Fill out application… Continue reading Building Permits