Determination to Hold Meetings Without An Anchor Location (PDF)


                 PURSUANT TO UTAH CODE ANN. 52-4-207(4)
A. I, Mayor Jeff Silvestrini, do hereby determine that conducting meetings of the Millcreek City Council with an anchor location presents a substantial risk to the health and safety of those who may be present at the anchor location and hereby authorize the City Council to conduct electronic meetings without an anchor location.
B. The foregoing determination is based upon the following facts:
a. Federal, state and local leaders have all recognized a global pandemic caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus and the Governor of Utah and the Mayor of Salt Lake County, as well as the City of Millcreek, have declared states of emergency in response to the pandemic;
b. COVID-19 cases in Salt Lake County and Millcreek continue to increase at rates which pose a risk of overburdening the local healthcare system.  The positive COVID-19 test results continue to be around 20-25% of people tested;
c. It is difficult, if not impossible to predict the number of attendees at any meeting and to manage issues regarding social distancing in order to comply with the State Phased Guidelines;
d. COVID-19 poses a continuing and immediate threat to the health, safety and welfare or Millcreek residents; and
e. Millcreek has the technological capability to provide means by which the public may hear, hear and view, and participate in the open portions of our meetings and to participate in public hearings.
C. This written determination shall be included in the public records of the Millcreek Council and shall be read at the beginning of an electronic meeting held without an anchor location.
D. The public notice of any meeting conducted pursuant to this written determination shall include information on how members of the public may hear, or view and hear or make a comment at the meeting.
E. This written determination shall take effect immediately and will expire thirty (30) days after the date written below or until revoked, whichever is earlier.
F. This written determination shall be posted to the City web page www.millcreek.us  filed with the Utah Public Notice web site and maintained in the office of the Millcreek City Recorder.
Dated this 14th day of December, 2020