Planning Commission Public Hearings Notice

Millcreek, Utah
Public Hearings Notice

Notice is hereby given that the Millcreek Planning Commission will hold seven public hearings at approx. 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 15, 2020, at City Hall, 3330 S. 1300 E., Millcreek, Utah: 1) consideration of ZM-20-007, rezone of a portion of properties to adjust the R-1-8 and R-1-21 Zone boundary to established property lines at approx. 2660 E. Evergreen Avenue and 3500 S. Hillside Lane; 2) consideration of EX-20-004, request to have a duplex use declared legal through special exception at 4538 Range Circle by applicant Chance Wilden; 3) consideration of SD-20-015, preliminary plat approval for a 3-lot subdivision including 1 flag lot at 3500 S. Hillside Lane by applicant Craig Jacobs; 4) consideration of SD-20-016, preliminary plat approval for a 1-lot subdivision amendment at 3646 E. Viewcrest Circle by applicant Kyle Killen; 5) consideration of SD-20-014, preliminary plat approval for a 2-lot subdivision at 3419 S. 1300 E. by applicant Brad Reynolds; 6) consideration of SD-20-017, preliminary plat approval for a 4-lot subdivision including 2 flag lots at 773 and 767 E. Scott Avenue by applicant Brandon Pehrson; and 7) consideration of ZT-20-005, amendments to Chapters 19.04 and 19.60 of the Millcreek Code regulating commercial zones and mixed use buildings. A copy of the associated information for the hearings is on file for review at City Hall and on the City’s website at: https://millcreek.us/agendacenter. The public is invited to attend or watch the hearings and make comments. The meeting will be conducted electronically per Millcreek State of Local Emergency Directive No. 2 of 2020 and live streamed via the City’s website at: https://millcreek.us/373/Meeting-Live-Stream. Public comment can be submitted via the City’s website at: https://millcreek.us/FormCenter/Contact-Us-5/Public-Comments-61. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals needing special accommodation during the public hearings should notify the ADA Coordinator at khansen@millcreek.us or 801-214-2751 two days prior to the meeting date.