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Consent, Media Release & Liability Waiver

  1. Consent, Media Release & Liability Waiver

  2. Please read each section carefully and provide your signature and date to complete the form. Volunteers under 18 years of age must have parental or guardian consent prior to volunteering.

  3. Consent

    I have read, understand, and agree to the terms outlined in the Volunteer Handbook. By my signature, I declare my understanding and intent to fulfill all parts of this contract and the regulations laid out in the volunteer agreement. I agree to represent Millcreek as a volunteer with appropriate accordance to professional conduct, always acting with respect and decency to all citizens.

  4. Media Release

    All volunteers consent to use of their image in film and/or photos that may be used by Millcreek for marketing and promotional purposes.

  5. Liability

    While performing volunteer work assignments and duties, I understand that I shall be deemed an employee of Millcreek only for the purpose of the following liabilities and insurance coverage:

    1. Medical benefits under Worker’s Compensation for any injury sustained while engaged in performance of any service;
    2. Properly licensed operation of Millcreek vehicles or equipment, if authorized;
    3. Liability protection normally afforded salaried employees.

    I hereby release Millcreek, its agents, and its employees from any liability or obligation arising from, or in connection with, my volunteer services.

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