Planning/Zoning Permits

Planning and Zoning Permit Application Instructions

  • Apply for a Land Use Application
  • Register
  • Fill out application
  • Upload supplemental information and documents such as:
    • Site Plans
    • Site Surveys
    • Structure Floorplans
    • Structure Elevations
    • Grading and Drainage Plan
    • Landscape Plan
    • Signed and Notarized Affidavit from Property Owner
    • Letter of Description
    • Any Other Related Document(s)

Land Use Permits Required for the Following:

  • Conditional Use
  • Permitted Use
  • Re-Zone
  • Subdivision
  • Planned Use Developments (PUD)
  • Lot Consolidation
  • Lot Line Adjustment
  • Sign
  • Billboard
  • Condo Conversion
  • Mobile Store
  • Non-Conforming Use
  • Vacate a Street
  • Second Kitchen in a Residence

Planning and Zoning Inspections:

  • Bond Release Inspection for Landscaping and Required Site Improvements
  • Planning and Zoning Approval Prior to Certificate of Occupancy

No Land Use Permits Needed for the Following:

  • Accessory Structures less than 200 square feet – you will still be required to meet all required setbacks.


CUP Supplemental

Planning Application

Property Owner Affidavit


Fee Schedule

Millcreek Zoning Code

Zoning Maps


Francis Xavier Lilly, AICP, Community Development Director

Robert May, Planner

Blaine Gehring, Planner

Erin O’Kelley, Planner