Planning Commission Agendas/Minutes

Application Deadlines

The Millcreek Planning Commission meets on the third Wednesday of each month, after receiving input from one of the four Millcreek Community Councils during the first week of each month.

In order for your application to be considered at that meeting, all required application materials must be submitted to Millcreek no later than 4:00 pm on the THIRD FRIDAY of the month prior to the Planning Commission meeting.

Planning Commissioners

Chair, Tom Stephens –
Vice Chair, Fred Healey –
David Carlson –
Scott Claerhout –
Shawn LaMar –
Mark Mumford –
Heather Wilson –
Dave Allen –
Russ Booth –

Planning Commission Meetings will be held at the City Hall Annex until further notice (south end of parking lot).

2018 Meetings


07/18/18 Agenda and Packet
06/20/18 Agenda and Packet
06/12/18 Special Meeting Agenda and Packet
05/16/18 Agenda and Packet
05/07/18 Special Work Meeting Agenda/ Minutes
04/30/18 City Center Meeting/Minutes  
04/18/18 Agenda
and Packet/ Minutes
03/21/18 Agenda and Packet/Minutes
02/21/18 Agenda and Packet /Minutes
02/13/18 Planning Commission/City Council AgendaMinutes
01/23/18 Special Work Meeting Agenda 
and Packet / Minutes
01/17/18 Agenda and Packet/ Minutes

2017 Meetings


12/13/17 Agenda  and Packet / Minutes 

11/16/17 Agenda and Packet  / Minutes
11/15/17 Agenda and Packet  / Minutes
10/18/17 Agenda and Packet  / Minutes
09/27/17 Agenda and packet / Minutes
09/20/17_Agenda and Packet / Minutes
08/29/17 Special Working Meeting Agenda / Minutes
08-16-17 Agenda (amended) and Packet / Minutes
07/19/17 Agenda and Packet / Minutes
07/07/17 Special Work Meeting Agenda Minutes
06/21/17 Agenda and packet/ Minutes
06/09/17 Special Working Meeting Agenda / Minutes
05/17/17 Agenda and (amended) packet / Minutes
04/26/17 Special Working Meeting (Amended)
/ Minutes
04/19/17 Agenda and packetMinutes
04/03/17 Special Working Meeting / Minutes
03/15/17 Agenda and packet / Minutes
03/6/17 Special Work Meeting Agenda
02/15/17 Agenda / Minutes
01/18/17 Agenda / Training session (no minutes)