Millcreek offering discounted rainbarrels

MILLCREEK. You may remember from news stories a few years ago that the state was prohibiting private property owners from collecting and using rainwater. Thankfully, particularly because of this year's poor snowpack, that has changed. It is now legal for homeowners to "directly capture and store precipitation" in order to put it "to beneficial use" on their… Continue reading Millcreek offering discounted rainbarrels


Town Center discussion well attended

Earlier this week, Millcreek held a community meeting to hear what the public would like to see in a potential new city center in the area around Highland Drive, 13th East, and 33rd South.  Click here to see KSL's pre-meeting story. Click here to see why Millcreek is thinking of a city center in this area.… Continue reading Town Center discussion well attended

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Open permit applications move from County to Millcreek

ATTENTION MILLCREEK PROPERTY OWNERS, CONTRACTORS, AND DEVELOPERS As of April 1, Millcreek Building Department will be managing all inspection and permitting duties from Salt Lake County Building Department. If you have an existing issued permit, or an open permit application, you will need to apply for a new permit issued through Millcreek by clicking on… Continue reading Open permit applications move from County to Millcreek